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Since August 1994 the former collections of geology and palaeontology of the Überseemuseum of Bremen, Northern Germany, have become a part of the University of Bremen, precisely of the Faculty Geosciences. Additionally a comprehensive collection of recent molluscs is part of the collection, originally also housed by the Überseemuseum. As Geowissenschaftliche Sammlung der Universität Bremen (Geosciences Collection of the University of Bremen) these collections have been united, newly arranged, ordered and since then an IT data base has been build up. The core of the collection, brought to Bremen by sailors and traders from ourneys all over the world, makes up a scientific historic relevance of the material, additionally to its pure scientific value. Furthermore, the collection comprises material from Northern Germany from localities that are not accessible any longer. Some of the exihibts of  the palaeontology collection are oversize, for example a ground sloth from the Pleistocene of Argentina and remains of ice-age mammals from gravel pits at the river Weser, namely bones of mammoth and wooly rhino.

Geosciences Collection of the University of Bremen

All of the material is used for scientific studies as well as for educational purposes in the field of university and school courses and for special public exhibitions, mainly in Northern Germany. The historically grown are molluscs, inclusive land snails. This emphasis has been determined by the collecting activity of the Überseemuseum and its ancestors and has been expanded in recent days by own excursions, excavations but as well by donations and buying fossils and recent shells. Our focal point of research, ammonites of the Cretaceous worldwide, blends into the historically grown focus very well. Additionally the associated Geosciences Working Circle, an accumulation of people who support the collection and that are meeting once a month in the collection, adds material to the collection by its excursion activities.

Blick in die Sammlung
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