The Geosciences Collection of the University of Bremen houses more than 220000 specimens. This places it into the group of medium-large size collections. 50% of the IT-based inventory is already done. The collection comprises material of all kinds of fields in palaeontology, zoology, mineralogy, petrography and stratigraphy. The focus is on palaeontology and zoology, mainly with fossil and recent molluscs with a number of more than 25 000 specimens.

View into the collection

Particular parts of the collection are presented main fields , outstanding specimens in highlights. All of the material can be borrowed however, the access for the public is limited. Specimens of the Geosciences Collection are on public display in the field “evolution” and “mineralogy and geology” in the permanent exhibition of the Überseemuseum in Bremen beyond the buildings of the Faculty for Geosciences. Our collection originally based in this museum as is detailed in history