Dr. Romain Jattiot

Dr. Romain Jattiot

Geosciences Collection
University of Bremen – Faculty 5 (Geosciences)
Building MARUM I, Room 0030
Leobener Strasse 8
28359 Bremen
Tel.: +49-(0)421-218-65693

Romain is an invertebrate palaeontologist with expertise on taxonomy, biostratigraphy, palaeobiology and evolution of fossil cephalopods. He is currently working at the Fachbereich 05 – Geowissenschaften, Universität Bremen in a Postdoc project: “Uppermost Albian quantitative biochronology: a prerequisite for understanding couplings between major palaeocological and environmental changes”.

Project goal
The Albian, which is the youngest chronostratigraphical stage of the Lower Cretaceous series (~110 Ma), is generally considered to be followed by the Cenomanian stage. However, in the 19th century, a proposal was made to insert a supplemental chronostratigraphical division between the Albian and the Cenomanian. Termed the Vraconnian, this stage was based on a distinctive ammonite (Order Ammonoidea) fauna found in western Switzerland. Here, the prime objective is to reassess uppermost Albian biostratigraphy by means of the Unitary Associations method, which has been rarely exploited in the Cretaceous. This method will be applied for the first time to obtain a soundly reliable quantitative uppermost Albian biostratigraphical scheme. To achieve this end, a comprehensive upper Albian dataset will be compiled, with its major part consisting of detailed previously published biostratigraphical data for ammonites, planktonic foraminifera and calcareous nannofossils from selected key sections, most of which are very fossiliferous and lack large hiatuses. Beforehand this extensive study, taxonomical and biostratigraphical work will be performed on upper Albian ammonites from two localities in southeastern France, hence generating new data for the overall Unitary Associations analysis.

Curriculum vitae
Nov 2019-present –> Alexander von Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellow, Universität Bremen, Fachbereich 05 – Geowissenschaften (Germany)
Jan 2019-Apr 2019 –> ATER (Teaching assistant), University de Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, Laboratoire Biogéosciences (France)
Sep 2013-Dec 2017 –> PhD Student, University of Zürich, Institut für Paläontologie und Paläontologisches Museum (Switzerland)

Peer-reviewed articles, first-authored

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Peer-reviewed articles, Co-authored

  • Rulleau L. & Jattiot R. 2019. Révision de la sous-famille Mercaticeratinae Guex, 1973 (Ammonitina, Hildoceratidae) du Toarcien moyen. Revue de Paléobiologie, 38 (1): 19-38.
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  • Jattiot R., Trincal V., Moreau J. D. & Brocard A. 2015. Guide des ammonites pyriteuses, Toarcien moyen et supérieur des Causses (Lozère, France). Editions du Piat, 144 p.

Book chapters

  • Tajika A., Kürsteiner P., Pictet A., Jattiot R., Lehmann J. & Klug C. 2018. Ammoniten (Ammonoidea). Dans Kürsteiner P. & Klug C. (Eds). Fossilien im Alpstein: Kreide und Eozän der Nordostschweiz, 372 p.